Services and Pricing

At Benevolent Bodywork, we believe supporting the whole person is essential. That’s why in every session, we address not only the physical needs of the client, but also the emotional and the spiritual. You get to choose what you want to focus on. Every detail has a purpose.


  • In our touch-deprived culture, indulge your body by receive much-needed customized and compassionate touch

  • Enjoy luxurious bodywork in a private room on a professional spa massage table in an immaculate, contemporary apartment

  • Relax into a soft, Tempur-Pedic face cradle with a fresh face cover, soft music, and candles

  • Choose to have an optional shower before and/or after session with a fresh clean towel

  • Use of heated, nourishing, cold-pressed, organic, unscented coconut oil to indulge your body


  • Through check-ins and held space, feel safe and open to speak from the heart with an LGBTQ+ specialized bodyworker

  • Set boundaries: learn to ask for what you want and change your mind during the session to ensure feeling safe and embodied

  • Express what is alive for you in any way you choose, creating empowered feelings

  • Experience deep relaxation so you can tune into your feelings as they naturally arise, and notice an increased sensitivity and awareness of the self


  • Surrender into a spacious unhurried session, starting with an opening guided meditation

  • Collaborate through Reiki and other energy healing modalities, and raise your vibration through the activation of your chakras, allowing energy to flow through you and create feelings of wholeness

  • Take one step at a time into your unknown with curiosity over judgement

  • Enjoy a restorative, reintegration period of stillness after the session, ending with a debrief with your bodyworker