Queer and trans friendly massage, counselling, and Reiki in the Greater Vancouver Area

The safest holistic bodywork experience possible. 


Benevolent Bodywork provides queer and trans friendly massage, counselling, and Reiki in the Greater Vancouver Area, all in one session.

With a specialization in serving the LGBTQ+ population, we are the only massage service of its kind in the Greater Vancouver Area, and one of the very few in Canada.


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Our 20-minute free phone consultation is the first opportunity for us to get to know you better, and to schedule a time that works for you.

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I’ve had over a thousand massages all over the world, but I’ve never experienced the full nourishing experience you offer.
It was almost as if you were making a gift of my body to me so that I could experience it fully without disowning or denying any part of it. I am so grateful for the healing and realignment that came about through chakra balancing, and your unwavering presence and attention throughout. My energy is running freely, perhaps more so now than at any other time in my life. I feel that I have blossomed and drawn closer to my essential self.
I love the way you create a safe, supportive, and loving space where people feel completely comfortable to be open emotionally, verbally and physically. What stands out? Your encouragement, open heartedness, attention to detail, and intuition. Your ability to connect and to listen. I cannot recommend Benevolent Bodywork any more strongly for anyone who wants to not just feel amazing but actually undergo spiritual transformation and healing through this work.



At Benevolent Bodywork, getting to know the whole client is essential. We offer heart-centred, high quality, customized sessions, and support your physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a holistic way.



About Jackson

Benevolent Bodywork owner, Jackson “Sunshine” Tse (he/she/they), self-identifies as a queer, non-binary, 1.5 generation immigrant-settler of colour.

With a focus on trans and queer friendly massage, Reiki, and counselling in Vancouver, Benevolent Bodywork has a heart for people of all bodies on the margins of society.